Monday, 29 April 2013

Hong Kong 19.4 2013 i am going back home  these  10 days  i enjoyed every movement of my stay in HK  yes there are few things  i could do n some places i could go partly due to rain and partly because of both my replaced knees ,  still i am happy with  whatever i can do at my age i was not going any where i had two cups of tea sitting in bed only then got ready and did my packing. there wasnot much just one bag and one backpack  and  went to the lobby  to pay the bill and checkout.  officially the time was 12noon  but they agreed that i could retain the room 3.30pm  as my bus was leaving at 3.55pm. but i came down at 3pm. only waiting in the room was more difficult  than in the lobby  now i just  wanted to reach the airport and back home to my son and his next where to n when......hope i will be fit to see  more places , people, culture and only god what else......

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hong Kong 18.04.2013

When i got up in the morning i could see thick dark clouds on the horizen i had to go out today come what may it was my last day in the city ,as the luck would have it after some time they started thinning i was happy that  at last i can go out. I planed that frist i will go to see the Tin Hau Temple it is in Kowloon  onTemple Street . When i went there i was told that it was some 100 odd years old and was of God  Mother . There i met one lady who could speak little english she told that like indians chinese also has many gods , god for everything firegod,raingod,windgod god for food and so on just like us . I think it ok there is nothing wrong in having so many gods i feel it is like a child when he is hungry he goes to his mother for food  same way when we have no food , no health , no shelter or fear of unknown we too run towards our elders or  towards our gods. it was good talking to that lady ,from there i went to the market i kept walking on the Nathan road  seeing shops on the both sides of the road i reached  ladies Market it was a long long walk by   this time it was again raining so i droped my plan of going and seeing the market once again i was there  before also here the shops on the open on the street you get all types of goods there but fake on top of that you should be expert in bargainning then only  should enter that lane.   as As it was still raining i deceided that i shouldnot  go to     Stanlay and deceided to  see  more malls there itself , in  HK one mall is bigger n  better  than  the other . I love to go to the  malls even in Mumbai  i go to the malls  and  can spend  hours and hours without  getting bored .Then after doing some shopping for my granddaughter and self  i took the bus for Causway Bay thats where i was staying, there too  it was still drizzlling bought few more things on my way to the hotel it was 8.30pm. when i entered my dead tired  had long hot water bath  after bath was little better  made tea and entered my bed to enjoy tean tv ..about  packing .... i will  see in the morning only.....tomorrow  will be my last  blogg from Hong Kong................

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hong Kong 17.04.2013

Today after 10am. I was out on the Sha Tin it is in the New Territories which is very far from here. I took bus no. 170 it takes you very to the destiation it is walkig distance from the bus stop but i took another bus to the HK Heritage Museum i had gone there to see Faberge legacy of Imperial Russia. The things they had exhibited were too good you donot see these type of handycraft every day . From there i had to walk back because i couldnot find the bus stop for my return . Anyway it was not bad experience as i had to cross Hilton Plaza, Chanway Shoppig Center to reach New Town Plaza from where i had to catch my bus only bad thing was it was rainning and i had no umbrella but still it was not too bad because once i reached Hilton then they were all inter connected i didnot have to step out on the road and bus stand was also covered . Sha Tin is hilly beautiful place i would love lto live there On reaching my onreaching Causeway Bay i bought one umbrella, tomorrow is my last day in HK and donot want to sit in the hotel because of having no umbrella with see you.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hong Kong 16.04.2013

Today was a good day seen lots places. For the first time i took MTR to Diamond Hill had to change,,,three trains to reach there . Trains are all underground one has to walk a long distance catch the train i donot i will do it again. There i went to see Nan Lin Garden its very beautiful and next to that there is Chi Lin Nunnery it is Lord Buddha temple . Worth seeing and taking all that trouble of reaching there . From i took a bus for Sha Tin to look for H K Heritage Museum which no one could tell where it was they knew that it is in New Territories and that is all. So now i know where it is and how to reach . I went to New TownPlaza it is also very big you cannot see it in one go as it already much after 5pm i decided to head back towards my hotel on return journey i did by bus atleast this way i saw Kowloon also now lets what is there for me to see in the morning hope it is good as i will be going so far again .....

Monday, 15 April 2013

Hong Kong 15. 04. 2013

Today was my rest day didnot do much just went out for some time to find the place from where i will be catching my bus for the airport. It took me lot of time to find my stop ,now i am relived i donot have run around at the last moment . I just walked around , there in the CausewayBay i came across one big garden known as Victoria Garden i sat there some time had my coffee then moved on to see more shops then went to kfc to eat and by 4oclock was back in my room.......

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hong Kong 13.04.2013

      To day was plesant and sunny too but not hot . Took  ferry from Wan Chai Pier and in  ten minutes reached side to Kowloon. Started sight  seeing Clock Tower,HK cultural Center,Olympic Torch,  HK Space  Museum, HKMuseum of Arts, HK FAA Statue and Avenue of Stars. By the time it was over it was 2pm. and was dead tired walking for nearly 3 hours  so i rested  eat  then took a bus for Ladies Market had heared a lot about it so it was on my list t there were thousand of small small shops i could not buy even a single thing because from 40dollers and then come down to 10 dollers so you are never sure whether uoy right amount or not .Then from went to Harbour City another shopping place it was huge they have given the  right name city it is a city. Could not see the whole place  worlds greatest known brands were there i just picked up some tiny thing for my grana d child .Took the ferry back and reached hotel after 8pm. dead tired so one more day  has goen , lets see what i will do tomorrow.........

Friday, 12 April 2013

Hong Kong 12.4.2013

Today was a good day first it was not rainning so i could  see many places. i walked a lot today  Hung Shing Temple was the first place i reached that to walking hotel staff told me itwas closei should but i found out very close as said but i enjoyed the walk this way i saw many other  which i would missed those road side market  fish market and so on . then    i went to Pacific Place, Hong Kong park, it was beatiful . there i saw one sign pointing way toPeak Tram station so i followed and reached ,bought a return ticket and there i was at thetop of HK it was fun though it was cold . On reaching back when i was thinking what to do next because it was too early to come back to hotel  i saw......way to Zoological and Botanical Gardens  i had not planed to go there but there i was  and was happy that i have not missed it . By now i very very tired i donot know how much i walked ,how many stairs i must have climbed so took  a bus to the hotel  that is all for today.......